About my blog

Hi everyone!
I am Jampa Latso, from Tibet.
I have been currently studying in Asian University for Women in Bangladesh.

The purpose of my blogging is to get know more whoever are interested in either reading and writing.I have a strong conviction that people have amazing thoughts and stories to share, but sometimes they don’t see the chances which allow them to explore; sometimes people would step back and choose to keep amazing ideas and special stories for themselves. Therefore, i believe that each of us has special stories to have grown up with, why not let’s come together to share our stories and thoughts on any topics here and enjoy reading and commenting one another? That will make our everyday life more interesting and more meaningful.
I am neither a professional writer, nor a splendid writer, but i am a frequent thoughts sharer of my own. So, i need your help, your suggestions and your thoughts. I would be more than appreciated if anyone could stop by and give suggestions and comments so that i can take as future reference for further writing. Any of your comments would be words of wisdom to me, i am really grateful to your time, your comments (either critique or suggestions ), that will be very helpful.
Thanks all readers and writers!! We all can be connected by sharing our stories at this time in this social platform!!!

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